Clear Supplies Interiors now offers a huge range of gaming equipment from table tennis, air hockey, football, pool tables, right through to state of the art arcade machines. All items are commercially graded and can include coin operation where necessary. Working in the office can be very busy and stressful from time to time. Whether you’re spending hours working on closing new deals, managing projects, or brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, things can get pretty tedious. So how do you relieve your team while keeping them motivated? Here’s your answer – gaming equipment in your workplace. You’re probably thinking, “Why? That would be nothing but loud and distracting. It’s a terrible idea” – but think twice about it. Any form of gaming in the workplace is competitive, it gets the blood flowing, and it doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to play a game. Key 5 reasons that have been scientifically proven of why your workplace should have a gaming element in your canteen / breakout area:- 1. Improve office morale 2. Breaking away from the computer screen is a must 3. Motivation and competitiveness is a good thing 4. We could all use an occasional distraction from the daily grind 5. It’s good for your brain.

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